Villain's Update Report

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March 19th - 2010

-- 2 large video clips of the end of the Stellar Woman video series. This week she ends up brainwashed and seemingly unable to resist her foe's advances. It gets wild... so enjoy!
-- 37 new photos in the Stellarwoman story. It's the intense finale you have been waiting for. Much of what you can imagine is unleashed by the villain to humiliate this superheroine!
March 12th - 2010
Stellar Woman concludes in stunning form this weekend with a shocking movie finale. Stellar Woman has been completely brainwashed by the stellanite and the Puzzler picks her up by her tattered uniform and tosses her onto his bed. In his private chambers he then enjoys her delights. Helpless, brainwashed and with no desire to resist, their sexual romp appears consensual as she begins humping him and moaning in pleasure as he fondles her and slips aside her ripped costume to sample her moist nether region bringing her to full ecstasy as she screams, all the while the cameras roll on for the world to see the superheroines shameful demise. Pics to follow later this weekend and next week we return with the stunningly beautiful, Candace Nirvana.
Previous Week's Update
-- 42 more photos of Stellar Woman suffering more costume destruction and bearhugs leaving her legs splayed on the floor!

-- 58 pics of Stellar Woman getting close to the end. Her foe grabs, lifts, swings and stomps her into humiliation!
-- 1 seven minute movie of Stellar Woman's body being abused by the Slorg as she is tied and helpless.
March 1st - 2010
This week 58 photos added to the Stellar Woman photo story. This week, she is still weakened by the Stellanite and the Slorg takes full advantage, pummeling the poor superheroine over and over. She is repeatedly picked up and tossed back to the ground, smashing her beautiful body into the cold, hard concrete. The Slorg is merciless in his attack on the lovely heroine, ripping and pulling at her costume, stomping on her butt, pulling the suit aside and fondling her secret treasures - much to her dismay and humiliation. Plus, a huge 6 minute movie of Stellar Woman tied up and pounded by the monster, her breasts carressed then crushed, her crotch assaulted. A great week.