Addendum to the mission statement

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     Thanks to all the Superheroine's Demise members for making this the largest live action sexy photo comic book. This site is dedicated to all the fans of superheroines, damsels in distress, fanboys, female wrestling, superheroine in battle, spandex and lycra costumes, erotic superheroine art, superheroine photos and all types of superheroines in peril. It is truly like nothing you've ever seen!

     The comic book industry has perpetually created beautiful costumed characters who have occupied our thoughts and imaginations for years. Although similarly based in fantasy, this site was made to bring intense and fantasies to life. The image of supergirl or batgirl standing proud, hands on hips, ready to destroy their foes with just a flick of their powerful wrists is quite, quite sexy. Perhaps it’s the tight costumes they wear, or perhaps it’s their indescribable beauty matched with purity, power, and justice. But to us, nothing is more erotic than the photo images of these incredible costumed superheroines battling villains and sometimes losing. Enter our site and see thousands of photos of professional models dressed as sexy superwomen and put through shockingly grueling adventures. See batwoman defeated in hand to hand combat and photographed. These are the hard hitting, real live action photos and storylines you've always longed to see. We have tried to recreate honestly the action that has thrilled and intrigued us for years while adding a fresh, dynamic twist to the epic battles between good and evil, superheroines and villains.

     Simply put, this site is a comic book superheroine fan’s dream come true.

- The Villain

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